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Our Services

  • Integral project management

    We manage projects in order to ensure integration, stakeholders, scope, resources, time, cost, risk, quality, procurement and communication, applying knowledge, procedures, techniques and tools of management and project management (UNE-21.500 , PMBOK, NCB).

  • Engineering and Architecture

    We are specialists in the field of engineering and architecture, ensuring that the project meets the expectations and needs of our customers.
    Our professionals will give enhancement to the design of its building and facilities, providing the most appropriate timing and chords to use environmental solutions.

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy

    We guide you in the implementation of solutions and techniques for saving and energy efficiency in its processes, facilities and equipment, reducing consumption and increasing the performance of the energy used.
    We have extensive experience in the implementation of renewable energy facilities, especially in photovoltaic plants, solar thermal, biomass and energy production from municipal solid waste and biofuels.

  • Research, development and innovation (RDI)

    We develop your business idea. Analyze and evaluate the current state of your organization's processes.
    We carry out a technical audit of your project or organization offering innovative solutions to start its implementation and improvement.

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    The use of BIM technology from initial project processes substantially improves transformation of the idea into a successful project. The development of information technologies in the representation of 3D and BIM models provide the necessary tools to develop their project modeling the building geometry, spatial relationships, and quantities and properties of the components of the project.

    ¿What's BIM?
  • Horizon 2020

    We advise on the handling of operating under the framework of research and innovation in the European Union "Horizon 2020", which funds research and innovation projects in various subject areas in the European context aid program. Researchers, companies, research institutes and public bodies have no place in this program.

  • Carbon footprint

    The carbon footprint is a measure of the impact caused by the activities of humans on the environment and is determined by the amount of greenhouse gases produced greenhouse (GHG), and are measured in units of carbon dioxide equivalent CO2.
    We have professional and corporate partners that will allow you to calculate the carbon footprint associated with your organization, event, activity or life cycle of your product.

  • Consulting, auditing and procedures

    We developed technical audits, "due-diligence" and preliminary, feasibility, alternatives, and implementation, as well as official procedures and formalities of official credit, grants, assessments, permits, licenses and legalization.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

¿What is Building Information Modeling?, This is an example of what we can do.