Comprehensive management of the fruit and vegetable plant project

The activity that the company FRUMAISTO 2010 S.L.U. is the production, transformation, commercialization and manufacture of all types of food products under the exclusive regime or as concessionaires of trademarks, patents or trade names, as well as the import and export thereof. The origin of the fruits and vegetables is from all kinds of rustic and livestock farms, owned or leased or any other that it may possess by any legal title, for which it will carry out the transformations it deems appropriate, as well as its cultivation.

In order to carry out their activity, the facilities have an industrial building destined for the Central Hortofrutícola, with plant dimensions of 60 meters long by 30 meters wide.

In the front there are two areas, one destined to the patio and another building for sale and staff changing rooms.

In the patio the reception of the fruit takes place; Also on one side outside the warehouse, the cold equipment is located, avoiding the noise nuisance that said machines may cause.

Inside the industrial warehouse there will be an office area, changing rooms and toilets, conventional cold rooms and a work area, where the handling line is located and the packaging and clothing materials are stored.

The term for the execution of the project has been, approximately, 1 year.

Technical features

Dimensions: 2.114,00 meters2

Sector: Food

Location:Serrezuela Street, Don Benito


  • Comprehensive adaptation of the industrial warehouse.

  • Necessary facilities for the performance of the activity.

  • Acquisition of land.

  • Acquisition of machinery.

  • Get the maximum grant percentage.

Percentage of grant obtained: 29,00%

Who has worked on this project?

Our team

Project Manager

Francisco Javier Chacón Morán

Industrial Technical Engineer, specialty Electrical Engineering Master in Comprehensive Project Management Certified Project Manager (IPMA Level C®) - SP.13.C.120

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Project Manager

Javier Jiménez Tejada

Project Manager Certificado. Certified Project Manager. Electrical engineer. Head of the Grants Department. Certified Project Manager (IPMA Level C®) - SP.14.D.521

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Project Manager

José Antonio Cruz Merino

Industrial Technician Engineer specialized in mechanics Master in Comprehensive Project Management Certified Project Manager (IPMA Level C®) - SP.13.C.124

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Technician in the Department of Structures


Mechanical engineer. Technician in the Department of Structures.

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