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Industrial and Business Areas of Action

IMPULSA Project Management is a company with the ability to fully manage and develop your project, from the beginning of the idea to making it a reality. His scope of work is both national and international.

The Project Management or Comprehensive Project Management, consists of the direction and management of tasks, changes, documentation processing throughout the life cycle of the project, in addition to acting as an interlocutor with all the people involved, stakeholders, in the project .

"The best solution in the most suitable project"

A Project consists of the technical document that describes by means of a series of annexes or attached reprints the development of a work or installation and the justification of the activity.


Industrial facilities and warehouses Opening of activities and businesses Building and Urbanism Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Knowledgeable by their experience in this sector, of the difficulty involved in carrying an investment project forward, IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS prepares the procedures and business plans to start and develop its activity, processing the Aid and / or subsidies with the administrations public, which are available to companies to create jobs, improve industries, create new agri-food, livestock, manufacturing industries, etc.


Processing of Aid and Subsidies Find your grant

"In a word: EFFICIENCY"

Energy Efficiency consists of the optimal use of the energy resources necessary to reduce energy consumption while maintaining the same services, without reducing comfort or quality of life, and ensuring supply.

As Energy Efficiency, we offer the following services:

Energy audit Supply Optimization Consumption Monitoring Photovoltaic and Thermosolar Installations

"Convert environmental requirements into opportunities and competitive strengths"

IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS is a company committed to the Environment and the Quality of its services, which studies environmental problems in an integrated way, taking into account their ecological, social, economic and technological dimensions, with the aim of promoting sustainable development and , always within the strictest quality standards.

Environmental impact studies Environmental communication

Our team

Experience and Qualification

IMPULSA Project Management is a young company, located in the autonomous community of Extremadura that has branches in Badajoz and Almendralejo, developing its scope of work both nationally and internationally.

Currently, projects require the application of appropriate strategies and innovative solutions that guarantee the balance between scope, quality, time and budget, taking into account all interested parties. To meet this need, IMPULSA Direction of Projects, S.L.

Currently, we have open projects in several Autonomous Communities and Portugal.


Last projects

Currently IMPULSA Dirección de Proyectos is a young company that is developing projects in different Autonomous Communities and Portugal, with a clear objective of international expansion.

Here is a list of some of the main projects we have carried out.



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