Knowledgeable by their experience in this sector, of the difficulty involved in carrying an investment project forward, IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS prepares the procedures and business plans to start and develop its activity, processing the Aid and / or subsidies with the administrations public, which are available to companies to create jobs, improve industries, create new agri-food, livestock, manufacturing industries, etc.



Each project is managed in a personalized and unique way, since each project and each file are different, as are the clients, for this reason IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS asks for the collaboration of its clients so that the files are adjusted to their needs and are the most beneficial for them and can help them return on investment as soon as possible.

Due to the technological development that industries are undergoing, one of the main services within the Consultancy is that of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, which consists of making available to clients a multidisciplinary team of specialists in different matters related to digital transformation and connected industry 4.0 at the service of your company, which will provide a digital and personalized service to the needs and situation of your company.

IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS The first step it takes before starting the project is to have its scope perfectly defined, thus knowing all the requirements and conditions of its clients, in order to carry out an exhaustive technical feasibility study to confirm that The actions to be carried out can be carried out in the selected location.

It is also essential to know the amount of investments to be made and really adjust to those budgets, so it is important to carry out economic feasibility studies to know exactly the total investments and the amortization periods.

IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS offers its clients the possibility of seeking public financing through grants, or private financing through private investors or investment funds they trust in order to help their clients carry out their projects in a safer and more comfortable way.

The consulting department is a complement to the rest of the departments, to be able to fully manage the projects of its clients, to avoid or solve any situation that arises during the life of the project. In addition, all of its department directors are certified as Project Directors, they are Project Managers, and they are in charge of setting and following the guidelines that the Project Management protocols say.

In addition to advising and managing with a qualified technical and human team, the main services that are developed in the company's Consulting department are:

Processing of aid and subsidy files.

Technical and economic feasibility studies.

Search for financing.

Digital Transformation Industry 4.0.



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