The fundamental part to carry out a correct optimization of supplies is that the historical parameters of the same must be available, therefore IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS always ask its clients for the last 12 invoices of all their consumption to be able to carry out an analysis exact information on actual consumption and to be able to propose potential savings.

This service is based on the comparison of all the concepts of the current supply contracts with other energy marketers, in order to improve current conditions and obtain significant savings on each bill.

Some of the most common optimizations are:

The access fee.

The contracted Power.

Reactive energy term.

Power penalties.

Currently there are a multitude of marketers, each one offers differences in terms of costs, IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS analyzes which is the most advantageous in each case for its clients. Furthermore, in today's market, you can opt for a fixed or indexed price system in relation to the variable term of the invoice.

IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS 'work model is based on trust and the creation of a lasting relationship with its clients in which we all win, faithful to the win-win philosophy.

You will have an energy certificate quickly and efficiently, with viable solutions to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business.


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