Environmental Communication of Activities is the most frequent given the number of projects that need it.

The presentation of the environmental activity report is necessary so that the favorable report is subsequently issued for the granting of the municipal operating license.

The basic content of these documents is as follows:

Location and description of the facilities, production processes, raw and auxiliary materials used, energy consumed, water supply flows and products and by-products obtained.

The composition of the gaseous emissions, discharges and waste produced by the activity, as well as the levels of sound pressure and vibrations.

The proposed techniques for the prevention, reduction and control systems of emissions, discharges and waste.

The degree of alteration of the environment of the affected area, prior to the start of the activity, and foreseeable evolution of the environmental conditions during all phases of the project or activity; construction, operation or development of the activity, cessation of the same and dismantling of the facilities.

The restoration techniques of the environment affected by the activity and the monitoring program of the restored area.

The determinations of the urban planning in force in the area of implementation of the activity, detailing, in particular, those referring to permitted and prohibited uses, conditions of use and any others that may be related to the action.

Within the Environmental Protection there are different types of authorizations and studies to be carried out depending on the level of environmental demand of the activity to be carried out:

Environmental Impact Assessment:

  • Ordinary Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Simplified Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Abbreviated Environmental Impact Assessment.

Environmental Communication:

  • Municipal Environmental Communication.
  • Autonomous Environmental Communication.

Unified Environmental Authorization.

Integrated Environmental Authorization.

We take care of activity or installation requirements for environmental technical compliance.


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