Professionalism and a commitment to quality at work are the cornerstones of IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS 'relationship with its clients, considering part of this service the provision of environmentally friendly solutions.


Currently, all of its department heads are certified as Project Manager by IPMA (International Project Management Association). This competency-based certification makes the IPMA certification unique, which allows IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS to assign each department manager the most suitable project based on their knowledge and skills, as well as their behavioral, technical and contextual competencies.



IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS has a Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 Standards, complying with the requirements of both standards, with the legal and regulatory requirements and with the voluntary or indicated requirements. by clients, as a means of constantly improving the effectiveness of our Management System.


The IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS Management System is applied to all feasibility studies, reports, reports and engineering and architecture projects, renewable energies, environment and subsidies that it carries out, as well as all the supervision and works management that lead to cape.

To achieve full compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, in addition to promoting continuous improvement in the field of quality and sustainability, IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS proposes the following basic guidelines:

  • Identify and comply with all legal provisions and regulatory, local, regional, national and community requirements, as well as others that IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS voluntarily subscribes in terms of quality and environmental management.
  • Continuously improve all processes, anticipating errors, and working to the maximum to reduce them, through the implementation of preventive mechanisms and designing management strategies that reduce or minimize them.
  • Promote among its employees a sense of responsibility with respect to customer service, the quality of their work and concern for the environment, providing them with adequate training and motivating them by recognizing work well done.
  • Seek continuous improvement in its work, it will favor internal and external communication with clients and with its own workers.
  • Demand from suppliers the maximum compliance with the legal requirements that apply to them in environmental matters, as well as the highest quality in the development of their work, evaluating the result thereof.
  • Provide all the technical and human resources necessary to achieve all of the above.
  • This Policy is established as the framework within which all the Company's activities must take place. Being known by all its staff in order for IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS to be recognized for the high quality of the services it provides.






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