"The best solution in the most suitable project"

A Project consists of the technical document that describes by means of a series of annexes or attached reprints the development of a work or installation and the justification of the activity.



IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS is a specialist in the Engineering and Architecture sector, ensuring that the project meets the requirements and expectations of its clients.

The IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS team is actively involved in turning our clients 'ideas into successful projects, materializing and shaping our clients' designs, in order to bring their project to a successful end.

Its main objective is the client's tranquility, since IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS is in charge of the integral management of projects and avoiding all problems that may arise during the development of the project or the execution of the work, so that the client can focus on developing other situations that only he can solve.

IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS seeks the optimization of the work it develops, always thinking about reducing the costs of its clients as much as possible, when executing the works as the projects are carried out, thus eliminating modifications on site.

Their good work and customer service are combined with the technological development involved in 3D modeling, which allows to improve the quality of the works, reaching a preview of the works before they are actually executed.


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