The Project Management or Comprehensive Project Management, consists of the direction and management of tasks, changes, documentation processing throughout the life cycle of the project, in addition to acting as an interlocutor with all the people involved, stakeholders, in the project .

A Project Manager is more than a project manager, since he has to be an active part of the project in all its phases, from the beginning contacting the client and seeing their needs, in planning to organize the work to be done so that they are fulfilled customer's requirements. He also participates in the execution of the works and in the control so that the ideas of the clients come true, just as they wanted them, both in terms of time, cost and quality. And finally, in the closing phase, so that the client reports the improvement actions and their feelings in order to be able to draw some lessons learned from this project and be able to apply them to other projects. So he is a fundamental part of the project and of the continuous improvement of the company.

In order to achieve the predetermined objectives of term, cost and quality in the projects, IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS has certified professionals, all of its Project Managers are certified by IPMA (International Project Management Association).

IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS is a company dedicated to Comprehensive Project Management, that is, it can be in charge of managing the entire project of its clients from the first phases of search for plots or investment planning and its feasibility study, going through the realization of all the projects that are needed to carry out the execution of the investments until the complete legalization of the industry before the corresponding public administrations.


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