Assuming that each audit, like the projects, are unique and individual, IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS checks all energy consuming facilities and equipment, paying special attention to the analysis of the following:

Optimization of electrical supplies and other energy sources.

Renewal of the lighting system for a more efficient one.

Improvements to energy consuming equipment and facilities.

Implementation of energy consumption monitoring and remote management systems.

Analysis of supply quality (voltage dips and peaks, power factor, harmonics, neutral current, etc.).

Thermal and air conditioning installations.

Implementation of renewable energies (biomass, photovoltaic, solar thermal, aerothermal, etc.).

IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS carries out energy audits based on the UNE-EN 16247-1: 2012 standard, facilitating that the results obtained can be comparable and generating a potential source of benchmarking.

According to its action protocol and based on the Project management philosophy, the audits carried out by IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS are made up of the overcoming of the following phases:

1. Previous studies:

Customer requirements.

Consult the rest of the interested parties.

Basic data collection.

2. State of the facilities:

Visit to the facilities.

Measurement and collection of specific information.

Realization of plans.

Description of the current facilities.

3. Study of the collected data:

Analysis of energy supplies.

Study of the production process.

Analysis of current technologies and services.

4. Analysis of improvement proposals:

Realization of proposals to improve.

Preparation of the technical-economic feasibility study of the improvements.

Choice of improvement actions to be carried out.

5. Execution and lessons learned from improvements:

Development of improvements.

Issuance of the final energy report with the improvement proposals made.

Recommendations and good practices.

Lessons learned from the audit.


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