IMPULSA DIRECCIÓN DE PROYECTOS has a technology that allows the integration of monitoring systems of energy consumption and the energy demand of its customers. Thanks to this technology, they have the ability to carry out direct measurements at the head of the facilities to visualize energy consumption and the quality of their customers' electrical supplies. In addition, to perform submetering of the different sub-panels and of the main circuits.

Monitoring is an essential part in the implementation of an Energy Management System. According to the ISO 50001 standard, it requires that this system exists and is in application.

Some of the main benefits of monitoring the energy consumption of our installation are the following:

Obtain the distribution of consumption.

Get energy indicators and baseline that you follow.

Detect ignitions outside of logical hours.

Reduce residual consumption.

Detection of demand peaks and optimization of the contracted power.

Savings in operating and maintenance costs.

Premature detection of faults (setpoint mismatch, capacitor bank malfunction, phase imbalance, presence of harmonics).

Comparison between different headquarters or production centers, benchmarking.

Identification of possible measures to improve and save the energy efficiency of the facilities.

We implement management systems in the use of energy correctly.


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