Comprehensive management of the rural apartments project

The needs program received by Mr. GUILLERMO CEREZO MARTÍNEZ is the construction of 5 rural apartments on an urban plot where there was a single-family home.

For this, it is necessary to build three rural studios on the ground floor, and two rural apartments on the upper floor. The rural studios have a distributor, living-dining room-bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, while the rural apartments have a living room-dining room, kitchen, hall, bathroom and double bedroom. In addition, they have common areas, such as an interior patio and a walkable terrace.

To comply with the Accessibility regulations, an adapted rural study has been carried out on the ground floor of the house.

The rural studios each have a useful area of 31.00 square meters, while the rural apartments consist of 38.00 square meters.

Technical features

Dimensions: 361,70 meters2

Sector: Tourism

Location: Ramón y Cajal Street, La Codosera.


  • Comprehensive adaptation of the premises.

  • Get the maximum grant percentage.

Percentage of grant obtained: 50,00%

Who has worked on this project?

Our team

Technician in the Facilities Department.


Electrical engineer. Technician in the Installations Department.

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Technical Consultant.


Technical Consultant. Technician in the Department of Subsidies.

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Project Manager

Javier Jiménez Tejada

Project Manager Certificado. Certified Project Manager. Electrical engineer. Head of the Grants Department. Certified Project Manager (IPMA Level C®) - SP.14.D.521

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Technician in the Department of Structures.


Technician in Fiber Optic installations. Technician in the Department of Structures.

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