Subsidy for Autonomous Incentives for Business Investment

The activity to be carried out in the commercial premises is located in Cáceres, it is the dentistry consultation, it is deicr, which develops all the work related to the activity, such as carrying out the set of operations aimed at promoting health oral and the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of anomalies and diseases of the stomatognathic apparatus, as well as the prescription, adaptation and clinical monitoring of dental prostheses.

Our client, Sergio Barrantes Pedrera, requested our Consulting services for the acquisition of new and more modern machinery, such as: Dental equipment, X-ray equipment, intraoral camera, panoramic system, aspiration system, compressor, autoclave, X-ray system , ultrasound bath, resuscitation case, endodontic micro motor, light-curing lamp, apex locator, teeth whitening system, thermoforming machine, computer equipment, etc.

Technical features

Sector: Health

Location: Street Águilas, Cáceres


  • Adequacy of the property.

  • Necessary facilities for the performance of the activity.

  • Acquisition of machinery.

  • Acquisition of goods and equipment.

  • Get the maximum grant percentage.

Percentage of grant obtained: 28,00%

Who has worked on this project?

Our team

Technical Consultant.


Technical Consultant. Technician in the Department of Subsidies.

More information

Project Manager

Javier Jiménez Tejada

Project Manager Certificado. Certified Project Manager. Electrical engineer. Head of the Grants Department. Certified Project Manager (IPMA Level C®) - SP.14.D.521

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