Subsidy for Autonomous Incentives for Business Investment

The companyEMERICUINESS S.L. is a dental clinic located in the heart of Badajoz. The main activity that is developed is dental implantology, that is, performing the set of operations aimed at the prescription, adaptation and clinical monitoring of dental prostheses.

EMERICUINESS S.L. required a consultancy to apply for a subsidy, because it needed the acquisition of more modern machinery for the activity carried out. Therefore, he contacted us to offer the Consulting service. The machinery requested was the console to control the movements in the chair, a shut-off valve and the dental turbine.

Technical features

Sector: Health

Location: Avenue de Europa, Badajoz


  • Acquisition of machinery.

  • Get the maximum grant percentage.

Percentage of grant obtained: 25,00%

Who has worked on this project?

Our team

Project Manager

Javier Jiménez Tejada

Project Manager Certificado. Certified Project Manager. Electrical engineer. Head of the Grants Department. Certified Project Manager (IPMA Level C®) - SP.14.D.521

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